Need a social button Vkontakte

is it possible?

Nope, sorry, it’s not part of the icon pack.

Vlad, hi!
Just wanted to know if something changed? Is it still unavailable to create the social button Vkontakte? This is the largest social network in Russian Federation and a lot of people in Russia who use Quill theme would be happy to get VK button.
Thank you and have a nice day!



Currently I don’t know where you want to add it, but if you want to add it with social widget add aditional css code to stylesheet or trough simple custom css plugin:

.social-widget a[href*=""]::before, .social-area a[href*=""]::before {
  content: '\f189';

Result should look like this

Best Regards

Great, that is what I need, thank you so much!