Navigation button doesnt work on front page

Well i have made a custompage template to use as FrontPage. Nothing in it but get header(), my client wants to see the background and let visitors use the menu

That works. I then added this bit:

<div class=“welcome-info”>
<?php if ( get_theme_mod(‘header_logo’) ) : ?>
" />
<?php elseif ( get_theme_mod(‘header_title’) ) : ?>
<div class=“welcome-title wow bounceInDown”><?php echo esc_attr(get_theme_mod(‘header_title’)); ?></div>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php if ( get_theme_mod(‘header_desc’) ) : ?>
<div class=“welcome-desc wow bounceInRight” data-wow-delay=“0.2s”><?php echo esc_html(get_theme_mod(‘header_desc’)); ?></div>
<?php endif; ?>


That works too. BUT the nav button on smaller screens doesnt work althought it does show itself. So a visitor on a mobile cant do anything.

Im pretty sure i need to copy some code but not entireley sure. Anyone want to see?


sorry for late response, but seems like you already solve the issue? I already check the site and the navigation is worked well in small screen