Navigation bar on IE

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the navigation bar on IE. The length is full so I can’t scroll down (as you can see on the picture), i need to use the mouse scroll wheel or keyboard ! i don’t have any problem on Chrome or Firefox !

My website :


If someone can help ! Thank you :slight_smile: Seb

Hello there,

We have tested this on IE 9, and scroll is functioning normally, see screenshot Have you managed to fix this in the meantime?

All the Best!


Thank you for the answer ! I didn’t fixed anything. I have IE 11 and i’ve noticed that i have 2 navbar same time, the huge one (like my printscreen) and the thin navbar (like your printscrren).

You can’t see the thin navbar on my printscreen because it’s behind the huge one, I see it move when i use mouse scroll wheel.

If you know why I have both ?!?


Hello again,

Sorry, but I couldn’t reproduce this on IE 11 also, page is scrolling fine Can you try this on some other PC, because maybe problem is present only on your computer?

All the Best!