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I home 3 options on my nav bar. Home | About |Blog | Other Stuff

When you land on my home page both HOME and OTHER STUFF are blue, as is Reviews - part of the drop down under other stuff.

But if you then go to ABOUT , which then turns blue, OTHER STUFF is black. How can I show it’s only blue when you’re viewing the page/post.

Also- strangely under OTHER STUFF- for the First Time Lactose intolerance MY HOME page appears?


Sorry pressed send before I could say thanks in advance.

Bye for now and I look forward to your reply


It looks to me like the style.css isn’t loading for some reason? Have you changed something since you posted?



I just checked the site and everything seems fine.

The menu turning blue denotes the active link you are in. If you would have by mistake put the home page under “other stuffs”, then when you go to home page both home page and other stuffs link would go blue.

But Now it seems you have figured it out for yourselves.



Just checked again and everything looks fine now! Like Matty says, seems like you figured it out yourself.