Nav Bar white space when scrolling all the way up

Hello I have an issue with my website which is using the Sydney Pro Finance theme. When using Firefox or Chromium (Edge or Google Chrome). The issue is that when someone scrolls all the way up there’s a 30 pixel white bar that apears above the nav area but within the nav bar. Also there seems to be a 30 pixel bar that apears below the menu bar but above the slider image. I am using Elementor for the page design and Smart Slider 3 for the slider design. You can see this best on the Give a Gift page of our website the link is here.
The images I have attached show this defect.
The image titled “White space above navigation menu” shows what happens when you refresh the page with F5
The image titled “White Space Below Menu Bar” shows what happens when you scroll all the way up.
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly apreciated. This site is located on a staging server.

Hello there,

I attemped to check the issue directly. But visiting your website address is showing the below message on the web browser. It seems likely authorazation credentials are required.

Can you share the credentials? You may send me a direct message from the message button on my profile page to securely share sensitive information.

I request you link to topic in your message to signal your follow up to this response.

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