Nav background colour issue

Hi guys,

Having trouble with the nav background colour.

The issue is similar to the demo site:

Have tried duplicating the About page, creating new pages, but cannot get the exact same as the About page.

Any help appreciated!

Sorry don’t have a url, local development only at the moment.

Hello there,

Add this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

.page-id-122 #masthead {
  background-color: #13151d;  

Replace 122 with ID number of your page. You can get it with this plugin:


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Thanks Kharis

Had literally just spotted that in additional css when I received the email of your post!

Would there be a way to make that style the default and add addtional css to turn it off?

I have the same issue, at some pages I can’t get the menu to have the black background color.

I can’t try the above solution as I would need Elementor Pro which I don’t have.
How to fix this?

I am sorry, there’s no other way to control the header bar background color. At this time we can only use custom CSS code. Probably we could add it as permanent feature in the next version update.


You don’t need Elementor Pro!

Come out of Elementor, view the site as normal, click ‘Customize’ at the top, go to Addtional CSS, add it there. This isn’t within Elementor.