Narrowing header slider image?

Can we somehow reduce the header slider width, it covers nearly half of my website initially… I want to narrow that down. How to do that?
Ref my site is -

Hi there,

Please try the CSS code below:

.header-slider {
    height: 550px !important;

feel free to adjust the height value from the code in above.


Hi , tried inserting this code in additional CSS under appearances with 350px as height input, but could find no change. DO I need to insert it in some other file?


Yes, you have to put the code into additional CSS section. The code in above should be working, could you please to re-add the code again? and let me check why the code is not working.


The code is re-inserted at 250px now to observe the change, but I’m not able to see.
Can you check the site -

Thanks, but I cannot see the code you have inserted.
Are you sure you put the code into: customize > additional CSS? see this[section]=custom_css&

Check if you can, I have saved the code already twice in additional CSS
There is no option to attach Screenshot, else I would have done so

Upload your screenshot in the Gallery then share the URL here.

Pls check the link

Thanks. The code will not working because you wrap the code with /*… */
Please just put the code only which I’ve shared in above.

Hey, yes, now its done! great thanks a ton!

Glad to know if its solved :slight_smile:

Feel free to post your another issues by creating new thread.