Name of tag on tag pages


First off - thank you so much for all your help over the last months.

I’m hoping this might be my last annoying question.

I’d like to put tags on the posts/articles - and then that links through to a page with all the similarly tagged articles.

Here is an example I’ve just set up:

The tag was ‘parable’.

Is there any way of getting that to show up in what’s currently that blank row at the top?

Best wishes,


Hello Oliver,

I’m not sure what exactly you want to achieve, unfortunately. Can you please provide more details and some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.
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Hi Roman

So I put a tag on a page - just to check it out for sharing purposes.

(This is basically my testing site.)

And it shows at the bottom of the post - after ‘tags’.

I’ve tried doing this on a bunch of posts - and sure enough each tag generates its own page.

This page replicates in miniature - so I can show you.

I’m just wondering if at the top - where a title tag would normally be - and where it’s currently a blank row with a white background. (So here:

… it might be possible to get the name of the tag in there.

So here, the tag is #parables.

Linked to from this page:

(At the bottom.)

Is it possible to have that row at the top of include the tag name - in this case ‘parable’?

I’m hoping this is my last question to you! You have been very kind and patient!


PS - the thought is that the use of tags guides toward search terms - so a headline there is important.

Every best,


Hello Oliver,

Well, there should be a name by default. Just like category name on the GreatMag demo site here:

You can try to deactivate all your plugins except the Page Builder by SiteOrigin, and see if it helps.

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support

Hi Ronan

Thanks for getting back.

Ah well - not to worry; it was just a little extra.

Every best,