Name of Page Forced Onto the Page?

I am creating my front page and just below the header area the name I gave the page is there in large, bold letters with a lot of white space. I definitely must get rid of that. I cannot find where to do that. Also, the page is full width and I have sections with a parallax. Even though I gave the page a dark green background, there is a wide white space running right down the middle of the page! I am unable to get rid of that page name at the top and that horrible white space running down the middle of the page. That white space also shows up between the sections. The white space runs behind the sections. It’s an area running down the middle of the page that cannot be edited… apparently. It is probably the width that the content would be if it was not full width.

Please tell me how to get rid of that page name at the top of my page. I did not put it there. I assume this thing will try to do that to all of my pages.

Please tell me how to get rid of the white space running down the middle of my page. The background color surrounds it, but I cannot find where to change it.

I am searching before asking.

Thank You.

Hi there,

For the front page, you need to set the page template to “Front Page”. It will resolve the issue.


I selected Full Width for the template because I want the front page to be full width. Is it going to destroy what I have created if I change to the Front Page Template? Also… I cannot have that issue on other pages. Are the other pages I create going to insist on having a white box running down the page in the background and the page name in large, bold letters at the top-left corner of that box? I really need to know before I spend more time creating pages. I had this problem with WPZOOM themes and had to stop using theirs. Every page forced me to have the page name near the top of the page with no way to stop it. I am going to try changing templates.

That fixed the front page!! Thank You. It remains full width. Will I have to use the Front Page template for all pages to avoid the white box background and large page name?

Yes. This template can use for any pages not only a page enabled as static frontpage. And it won’t affect your current frontpage. It only uses the same style.