My Sydney Pro Problems. A few questions

I have a few questions. I recently purchased the lifetime plan which was quite expensive but I presumed it would give me access to missing essential features. It didn’t.

  1. Are there any plans to add updates to the customization under my lifetime plan?
  2. I lost some of the theme demo blocks, e.g my testimonial, my team section is missing. How can I restore them?
  3. My header is a little hard to read the text due to it on top of the picture. Is there any option to add a overlay to create a shading and make it more visible?
  4. Is there any way to add social media icons to the header, call to action buttons like “apply” “email” etc to click on from the header?
  5. i found the footer a bit problematic. There are limited customization options and it has a gap between itself and the page. IS there a way to fix the gap and/or remove the footer so i can implement my own?
  6. How to add parallax to the slide image on the front page.


Yes. we have some. Let me ask to our development team what exactly will be added in the future updates.

For your other questions, please separate them into their own topics. Use one topic for one question. This way will help us easier track progress. Thus we’ll be able to assist you easier.


ok, i will make new topics. And is there any plan to add forum support for sydney too? a time frame or estimate for updates would be helpful

Are you referring to bbPress plugin? Or do you have other recommendation?


I was referring to wpforo which is a very comprehensive forum plugin compared to bbpress.

I am not sure what kind of forum plugin athemes uses? is it bbpress? wpforo is very customizable and has integration wih hcaptcha (preferably not recaptcha) but not sure about bbpress

Hello there,

Sydney, both free and pro are like other WordPress themes in general such as Twenty Seventeen, which are coded with WordPress Coding Standards and aren’t built to limit certain plugin functionalities. It should be no issue when wpForo is active. Let me know here in support forum if you experience Sydney breaks wpForo or other plugins you use.