My site is suddenly not mobile friendly. What happened?

I’m not sure what happened. Suddenly my site lost it’s mobile friendliness. Any idea how to fox it?

Hello there,

I tested your site with Google’s mobile friendly checker tool and the result displays it 's 100% mobile friendly. To confirm it yourself, you can visit this link. Is there any certain part that doesn’t look good on your phone? Any screenshot to share?



Thanks for responding. I already did that test and although it says my site is mobile friendly, it is still having ‘page loading issues’ according to the test.

In addition, on my phone, and several others, the layout still looks odd.

Please see attached screenshots.

Any help is much appreciated!

I’m having the exact same problem. Here are videos of the two pages that look the worst on my website because of this issue:

I’m anxious for a solution!

Here’s the link to my website:

Hi Kharis,

Was wondering if you have any update on fixing the mobile friendliness?