My site doesn't load anymore!



Since 2 days my site (I’m using Sydney) does not load anymore. I was working on it and all of a sudden, after refreshing the page, it keeps showing a blank white screen with the two bouncing balls that signal the loading process. And that’s all I get. If I change to a standard Wordpress theme, like Twenty Thirteen or Twenty Fifteen the site does load. But the Sydney and Sydney Child themes just won’t work anymore. It’s the same on mobile devices.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

My site is:

Thank you for your time and help!

Best regards,

Tony van de Laar


Ooh wow. I just figured it out myself. I remembered the last plugin that I installed before the problems started; Huge IT Video Plugin. I deactivated it and the site immediately worked again. So there is something there that doesn’t match with Sydney, probably. It’s been uninstalled already and I’m searching for a new video plugin.

Problem solved so it seems!

Thanks anyway!

Best regards,

Tony van de Laar