My projects do not fill the whole width of the Home page

My projects in the widget Astrid FP: Projects (seen as photos on the home page) does not fill the whole width of the Homepage as in the Demo. Why? How can I make 4 project photos fill the whole width of the Home page?

Hello @fjale,

Please edit Astrid FP: Projects widget in Customize, expand Styling section, check Remove container? checkbox, click Save & Publish button.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hey! Im working in Astrid free version. I can not find any Styling section in Customize or remove container. Can you please guide me?!

@fjale, please log in to your website →click Customize in top bar → WidgetsPage - Homepage → expand Astrid FP: Projects widget → expand Styling section, check Remove container? checkbox, click Save & Publish button.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Found it, thank you! Now my projekt pictures fill the whole width. But there is still a white field above and below the project photos that is not in the Demo. Can I remove it?

You simply put 0px instead of 100px


Found it! Thanks!

I am also not able to get my four projects to fill the width of the screen. I thought it was just because the theme defaulted to 2 rows, but when I added more projects, it divided into three rows: a row of two (stuck on the left side); a row of four (stretched across the full screen); and another row of two (stuck on the left).

I tried removing the container as suggested above, but that just shoved the same configuration clear to the left, with no padding/buffer space on the edge of the screen. Ultimately, what I want is to have four projects that stretch across the full width. Help???

BTW, my website is


Please create a new topic for your issue if it’s still actual to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.