My plugin not working with your theme

I have purchased your theme couple of week ago. now i am facing a problem.
i have also purchased a gallery plugin form an other website. my plugin is not working with your theme. can you help me to solve this issue.



I would need more details about this so I can see if there is a fix.

  1. a link to your site;
  2. the plugin’s name and the page you’re using it on;
  3. what the issue is.

thanks you for your reply

it’s working all other themes but not with your theme on any page.
i need this on front page.
the plugin is

You’re not using Moesia at the moment on the page you linked. I need to see a link to your website while using Moesia with the plugin activated and a description of your issue.

Actually i am working on my site. when i active Moesia theme then my plugin stop working that’s why i changed the theme.

I just activated Moesia theme please check/refresh your page.

Ok, please send an admin account for me at vlad[at] so I can see what’s wrong. I’m guessing you’ve added the gallery to your page with a shortcode?

yes i am using with shortcode. is it a problem?
let me send you my credentials.

Nope, there is no problem, just asking.
Let me check and I’ll get back to you.

It’s done.

thank you so much for your very fast support.


Hi Vlad,

I have a similar problem. I just bought your cool theme and I like it very much. However, when I try to use a contact form created with the FormBuilder (By James Warkentin) to submit the form, it never goes through.

The form is for my client to send me messages. If there is no way to fix the incompatibility, is there a way to do this within your theme?

My website is

I would appreciate your input and help.

Thank you very much!!


Hey Rajan,

I don’t belive there is any incompatibility there. The theme cannot stop your emails from going through. It works without issues with Contact Form 7 so it should work with this plugin as well. You should check the plugins settings.

Thank you for your reply. You are correct. It appears there is an issue with the form for submitting messeges, and this is totally unrelated to your theme.