My new translation is not working

Freshly installedd Wordpress (4.3), only Moesia added as a new theme.

Took .pot file from Languages folder and used Poedit to translate it (hr_HR, croatian).
Put back hr_HR.po and .mo files to Languages folder.

Refreshed the WP blog, but I still see old/english values displayed…

What could go wrong?

Thank you

P.S. my Wordpress installation is the one with integrated/officialy translated to croatian (but I manually added wplang as hr_HR to wp-config)


From WP version 4 you have to set language from Settings > General > Site Language, you can read more about it here

Try to remove manually added wplang from wp-config and try to set it from WP dashboard.

Best Regards

Yes, that helped !

I removed the wplang from wp-config, and interesting, but, .mo and .po files now need to be named “hr.po” and “”, and NOT hr_HR

Don’t care much as it is working now :

Thank you very much for help.


You’re welcome,

Yes, that is changed also, you can check language naming from here

Glad to hear that you have managed to fix that.

Best Regards