My homepage doesn't scroll down as it should


All my website pages scroll down properly except my homepage. When I scroll down on the other pages, page contents scroll under my main menu which is very impressive but the worst luck it’s not working on my homepage. Would you please help me out to make option work on my homepage as well? Thanks in advance for your help.


Would be glad to see what the issue is if you can post a link to your website.

Hello Vlad,

Thanks for your respond and sorry for the late. Here is the address:



I see it’s working without issues. You might have a cache issue so you should clear a cache. Let me know if that doesn’t help.

Also, please use the Moesia FP: Social widget for your social profile.

Dear Vlad,
I just add some rows to homepage and it worked but before that with just couple of paragraphs of text I had the mentioned issue. By the way appreciate your time. I’ve got another question about this theme. Is it possible to have welcome page slider kinda smaller (partial height/page not full/max height/page) to make the main menu visible at the bottom?

Well, if the menu didn’t reach the top of the screen then it wouldn’t become sticky. Don’t know if this is the case.

Yeap, you can have the slider however you want it but you should use the bundled Revolution Slider for this. It doesn’t need to be full height and it’s much better than the built-in slider.

Oh I see. Thanks a lot for your tip Vlad. Do you have any recommendation for a good plugin for image hover?

What exactly would you want it to do?