My 2 cents (Enter, Call to action Button)

Here my 2 cents, I want to have an “enter” button on the Welcome page after the logo and welcome message.

So I put in “The link for the call to action button” :

And I edited the header.php file, juste after:
</header><!-- #masthead -->
I added :
<a name="here_a_target"></a>

You can check the result by clicking [BIENVENIDO]
on the page

Best regards,
Have a nice time with “Moesia” !!


That’s cool, but you don’t need to do it like this. You could have just added #site-navigation there and it would take you to the exact some place :slight_smile:

Also, editing theme files directly is a bad idea because you would lose your changes after update.

work to go down , but not to go up again :slight_smile:

I mean, from an other call to action button , or from a customized link in the menu.
Because #site-navigation is inside the floating top barre