Must the header slider image be within a specific size range?


I set one image size 1920px x 605px by 72dpi as the first header slider. The problem is that the image is being forced to a bigger size both height and width. Thus, the image is not entirely shown but very much cut off.

Must the header slider image fall into a specific width and height range? Or is there any way i can configure the header slider to work with my 1920 x 605px size with out the header slider forcing resize?


Hello Tony,

As the main header slider width is always full width, no specific size to use. There is no issue on this. The problem is that you attempted to use main slide image to display informational content. Basically all slide images are background and cover the entire slide container. That’s why you’ll get particular part near the edge will be seen cut off.

Thus you should re-thinking on the way you put an informational image on the top of your site. You would probably use a static image and put at the top of page builder.

aThemes Support