Must I purchase TOOLSET?

At first it seemed that Types was an easy and free plugin that is necessary for Moesia Pro, but now it demands I pay $300 for lifetime use. Do I need that plugin. I love Moesia Pro, but do I really need to drop $300 down for a lifetime of Tools?

Nope. They had a bug in Types with the license thing. Uninstall Types then install it again if you still need it.

I’m a novice and i have a silly question to ask; i downloaded a theme and one of its requirements involves installing the ‘Type Plugin’, which i’m unable to locate on the wordpress plugins site, can you please give me a direct link to the plugin, or a more descriptive name to search for.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.


There’s a notice to install the plugin when you activate the theme, you don’t need to search for it. But here’s the link.