Multiple Rows in a Section?

Hello… I have added a couple of sections the way I wanted, but I cannot find any way to add more than one row to a section. There are reasons why I would want more than one row in a section. I am creating the page with Elementor. Other page builders will let me add as many rows as I like to a section. What is wrong with Elementor? Other page builders have the option of using a visual page builder or editing in the dashboard (not visual, but you can keep the page open in another tab). Using the visual builder version is just fine except there is no option to add more than one row to a section.

I cannot find anything in the documentation about it. In fact, the documentation has a video with someone using a different page builder than the one that is supposed to be used with Sydney (Elementor). It looked like they were using SiteOrigin.

Can someone please help me out with this? I am using the Pro Version.

I am searching before asking. With this search, I could only find things about editing an existing row.

Thank You

Hello there,

Please refer to this video tutorial that might better explain the how to.


Thanks… At least they have a way to do it. In other builders, it is just a simple matter of adding another row to the section.

Would you happen to know if the Pro version of Elementor gives you control over the Testimonial slider widget so that you can add larger images? I see that is has a drop-down with all sorts of sizes, but it does no good to change it.

Do you want to replicate the demo’s sliding testimonial section?

Or, would you like to achieve your own design specification?

Have you tried to do automatic demo import?