Multiple questions: Social Icons, Slider, Overlays and Services Widget



Great free theme, thank you.

I’ve got a few questions I wonder if you could help me with please?

  1. Social Media Icons - I’ve seen the previous post about adding social media icons. Using this post I’ve add the following:
.social-widget a[href*=""]::before,
.social-navigation li a[href*=""]::before {
	content: '\f262';

but I can’t see that the code had any effect. What am I missing?

I added this:

.social-menu-widget a[href*=""]::before {
	content: '\f262';

and it works… I’m confused.

  1. I’d like to have a front page slider rather than the randomised uploaded images. Is that already included in the theme somewhere?

  2. With the front page randomised uploaded images I currently have I’d like to change the overlay as it is way too dark. How can I do that please?

  3. With the Services widget, how can I increase the number of words shown within the widget?

Appreciate your help. Thank you.

  1. How can I amend the menu type links in the footer? It’s showing pages I don’t want to be seen.

  1. Is it possible to change the Footer copyright notice as well?


Hello Dwain,

I would be glad to help you, but can you please create separate topics for each of your questions to make it easier to help you and keep forum in good order?

Kind Regards, Roman.


Sure, no problem.


Great, thanks!

Let’s proceed there.

Kind Regards, Roman.