Multiple projects some without link

Hello Team,

How can I disable the link button on the project page:

I read how to disable the link in custom css, but then it disables all the links I believe (I wish to disable only a specific one).

See I use the widget multiple times, on the front page I wish to keep the link button, but then when I zoom in on the project (new page) I use the widget as a Gallery widget to show the pictures of the projects only.

P.s. Thank you for all the effort in this support forum and the great theme.


You can disable it with custom CSS, just for a specific widget and just for one link.

#pgc-941-0-0 .project:nth-of-type(3) .link-icon {
      display: none;

This will apply only for the page you linked. Change 3 to the position of the project you wish to remove the link icon from.

Hello Vlad 'm in trouble in the theme configuration. the plugin types do not have the user function Import / export . for that reason I can not complete the installation. thank you.

I also have a problem with the import of the xml file, since the plugin dont have the Import / export function, is there solution for this?

Thank You Vlad!

It works perfectly. Case closed :slight_smile:

Hi annececilie now import function / export this in the settings page of the plugin types … want to have helped