Multiple Project widgets on home page

How can I add multiple Projects widget on the home page? Since it enlists all the pages with template Single Project, I am unable to create multiple such sections with different content on home page.


You can use the Offset option found in the widget.
For example in the first widget you make it show 5 projects and then in the second widget you add 5 in the Offset field so that it ignores those 5 projects.

Worked well, thanks :slight_smile: However for knowledge sake of others, we need to also tune the no. of projects under the widget in combination with the offset in order to achieve desired results.


Yeah. I think I’ll just add an option so you can add the the page IDs or names directly for the pages you want to show in that specific widget. That should be easier for everybody than using offset.

That would be wonderful! Thanks

Yes Vlad would be great that way of usage for all the widgets listing custom types, thanks! :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean about the custom types?

I meant “special kind of content” like Services, Projects, etc.

Yeah, I misread.

So I’ve updated the theme and now you can select pages by IDs in services, testimonials, projects, clients and employees widgets. You can re-download it.

If you’re overriding widgets from child themes, make sure to update the code.

Cool, thanks! :slight_smile:

Vlad this new release has to be downloaded from my account?

Yes. Or you can re-download it from the theme page.

hi Vlad,
I hope you can help out. In my homepage the projects (that i try to adapt to my liking, thus also changing the permalink names) widget just doesnt ever do what it is supposed to, i dont get it. Where can i read an instruction? It does not automatically show all single project template pages. and it also doesnt respond to the IDs.Also when i say show 6 projects it just shows one.
before it showed another aswell (but not others) and now it is back to just showing 1 with nmbr of projects at 4. Before it showed more, but 3. I de activated /made concept all the demo pages all the other projects apart from the ones i am working on.

Im obviously new at WP building so apologies if this is all very simple but i dont get it.
tahnks in advance, J