Multiple Menus, ribbons, buttons and stuff


Hey there aThemes crew.
I’ve been building in Sydney and love it. You do great work and we’ll go Pro on these. I look forward to some of the other variations/themes.

Just some suggestions, here’s a few things I like to do on many of our sites. Not a fan of pagebuilders, (sitebuilders, frameworks), I prefer to use CSS for most of this kind of stuff. If you could built it into themes, I think it’ll be a win for you.

Multiple Menus
It would be great to simplify additional menus, like a top nav, for sites with lots of pages.

Great for CTA’s (Call to Action), I find myself adding these often.



Color Blocks
Color options for ribbons and quick sections, being able to edit background, color, a, a:hover would be great.

With themes like Sydney, really any one pagers or parallax, we use buttons a lot for CTAs. It would be great to have a simple way to manage colors, hover states.

Thank you