Multiple issues with cart

i recently started to use Thalia and i really like it! But I got 4 problems I cant fix myself and i hope that you can help me:

  1. Every time i remove an item from cart it says “undefined” and updating the cart also doesnt wort
  2. If I already have an item in cart and it was the last one and i want to add another one in a stange error message accures
  3. The icon when adding an item isnt popping up anymore (see picture)
  4. The quick buy buttons overlap the normal checkout button
    Sorry that I cant add some screenshots but im a new user and it isnt possible :frowning:
    It would be a pleasure if you´d help me and im looking forward your answer :slight_smile:
    Kind regards

Hello @JenJuwel

We are happy to resolve these issues for you. I have sent a collaborator request to your store. Once you approve that, we will be able to fix these for you.

Thank you

Hello @EnesBeganovic
thank you for the response I admitted you the access. :slight_smile:
I also have another question:
Is it possible to fill the white space when disabaing sidebar in collections with items? Looks a bit strange when half of site is empty :confused:

Kind regards!

Hello @JenJuwel

We have fixed some of the issues you mentioned so let me explain:

  1. We tried a lot but were unable to replicate this issue.
  2. We added a new error message for you. We are happy to replace it in german if needed.
  3. We put the pop up icon is back
    4.They are now moved further down
  4. And the white space isn’t there anymore

Thank you

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Hey @EnesBeganovic
Thanks for your fast answer! :slight_smile:

  1. I made a picture of the first issue with my phone:

    and after that the paying page pops up
  2. Thank you great! And yes German would be very nice :slight_smile: (Der letzte verfügbare Artikel befindet sich bereits in deinem Warenkorb) - But the error still accures when you add the item from the product page to the cart :confused:
  3. The pop up gif is still not visible on the desktop version tried on different devices :frowning:
  4. Perfect :slight_smile:
    Thank you very much!!
    Kind regards

Hello again @EnesBeganovic ! :slight_smile:
So i was able to translate it to german on my own but couldnt fix the other issues :confused:
Would be great if youd help me again :slight_smile:
Kind regards

Hello @JenJuwel

We are sorting out the cart issues for Thalia, please let us know if the issues persist still and we will fix them for you.