Multiple header issues

Hi Guys,

I can see that you guys are extremely busy taking questions and honestly didn’t want to bother you, but…after 2days of trying to figure out what was happening with this theme I figured to bother you. Sorry!

So here are the issues:

I looked throughout the forum and found some code that was provided by one of the moderators on how to reduce the size of the header image which usually takes up the whole page (the big picture with the camera guy). Now however, there is a huge gap (white space) between the header and my first widget of services.

How can I reduce this gap?

I used to have a button on my header (default orange button with some text). I created a child-theme, as I do with all my projects, but when I loaded the child-theme, my button vanished and I haven’t been able to get it back no matter what I do.

How can I get my button back?

Sorry again for the trouble but I am trying to determine if this theme fits my needs before purchase and am therefore bothering you.

Thank you.


can you post the site’s URL here? I need to inspect the element with the white space directly.

and about the button in the child theme, please check from customizer and make sure the button has text and link.

All the best!

Hi Awan,

Thank you for getting back to me. After trying to figure it out on my end, I decided to test another one of your themes - Sydney for my purposes. I am hoping I don’t have to bother you if I can find a solution on my own.

If I come across a similar issue with that theme, I will ask you for help on that forum.

But I do very much appreciate you getting back to me.



Feel free to use our another theme and dont forget to give us your feedback :slight_smile:

Best regards