Multiple CTA + CTA to different anchors


Thanks for the great theme!

I have 2 questions.

1- Can I create more than 1 CTA button on the homepage slide?
2- How can I create a link to other sections on the homepage. For example, in the service section, I would like the service icon to link to a section below on the homepage.





  1. No you can’t, currently this theme only available for one CTA button on the homepage slider.

  2. let say you add the CTA button widget to each section that you want have a link to another section. to create link between one section to another, you have to put the id element to the section and put it on the link field of the CTA widget.
    you can using inspect element from your browser to know the id element of the sections .
    see this capture on inspected element, you have to find the panel-grid class element first, then next of the class element, you’ll get the id of the element section (I marked it with the red box on the capture above).
    After you get the id element of the section, now you have to put it on the link field of the CTA button widget

Very helpful! Thanks!!