Multiple Columns Layout

So I recently downloaded the Moesia Pro theme and I’m very happy with it.

I was trying to do something similar to the last section in the demo page. I created a new row divided in 3 columns and added some widgets. However, this is braking the layout.

I’d appreciate any help you have to offer: (test server)

Many thank!

Yeah, all rows need to be with single columns. The last section in the demo (both Moesia and Moesia Pro) are already built with two columns (the widgets themselves), but those rows are with a single column.


Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure I follow. Is it possible to recreate the last section of the demo? If so, would you kindly explain how to do it?

Many thanks!

I’m not sure I know to which demo you are referring to.

If you mean the Moesia Pro demo, then the last section is the Contact one with the Google Map that you already have in place.

If you mean the free Moesia demo, than the last section is this widget Moesia FP: Blockquote which consists of an image, a blockquote and a quote author.

Both these widgets are already built on two columns, so you don’t need to divide your row in more columns from the Page Builder - this is what I was saying above, sorry if I was a bit unclear. And I was also saying that dividing the row in more columns from the Page Builder is not supported, nor is it done in the theme demo.


Thank you for the follow up and I apologize for not being more detailed with my explanation. I might be using the incorrect terminology for what I’m hoping to achieve.

This what I’m trying to do:

Looking forward to your help.

Many thanks!

Oh, we were talking about completely different things :slight_smile:

That is the footer widget area.
Simply go to Apperance > Widgets and you’ll see there on the right side four areas. You’re interested in Footer A, B and C.

Those are regular sidebars and you only need to add a widget in each of them. In the demo we have a Text Widget, a Recent Posts widget and a Contact widget. Just make sure you don’t add to those areas any widgets marked with FP, because those are only meant for building your front page.


Thank you very much for your help and my apologies for the confusion. All is very clear now.

Kind regards!