Multiple Calls to Action?


Hi All & Hi Kharis,

Any chance to make this as a feature in the theme? to have separate CTA button per slide?

Please :slight_smile:

I’m using the free version and was looking for the pro version as I expected this feature to be there, but seems not yet :slight_smile:

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We should have added this feature from the beginning, not it’s a bit more complicated as we need to account for people who rather have a single static button. We will consider it but not sure it’s worth it at this point, especially as working with the code Kharis posted is pretty easy.


Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the quick reply. And we are trusting in you :smiley: :smiley:



Hello, I am also using the Polylang, the only button in string translations is the default one. How can I make appear the others please?

thank you


Hello @kamciao,

Checking your site, the main slide buttons are properly translated already. Have you been able to manage it? Or, am I missing something? Please advice.



Hello Kharis,

I will be adding a 3rd slider and I need a different call to action button now.

My problem is with multiple call to action buttons. I have used the you describe jq here to create multiple call to action buttons, that worked perfectly. But then I tried different techniques that you decribe in different conversations (modifying functions.php and adding code to footer script) but I still have one 1 call to action button to edti in string translations.

I am looking for some solution to this so meanwhile I desactivated the jq for the multiple buttons, so everything looks normal.

thank you for help :slight_smile:


Hello there,

What plugin do you use to create multilingual site? I found the past discussion similar to the objective you want to achieve. Please check this thread that might be useful to you.



Hello Kharis,

thanks for a quick answer.

I am using Polylang. Is your solution adapted to this plugin?



I was checking your conversation with Oga23 here and none of the solutions that you proposed to him worked with me. All I need is to make appear the different texts for slider buttons in string translations.


Hello Kharis;

please what are the language codes for Spanish and English please? Also, the Java code you gave me is really complicated, I am not sure what to modify exactly. But I will try. Just let me know where to find the languages codes



I have used the JQ but the buttons appear in English only.



The different languages are working now but since I did this change, all the red Call to Action buttons I had on my website are now with red text (hover works well). So basically not text is visible on them… Can you please help with this?


Hello there,

Please share your site URL here, so I can have a look.



Hello Kharis.

The problem was/is that when I checked the code of the call to action button, the .roll-button color was not defined by the roll button color but by “.entry content a” - red colour (same as background of roll-button)

I didnt know how to sort out this problem so I had to put the roll button color (white one) as !important. This helped but obviously all buttons texts were then white (there are two types of buttons and there is also hover colours…) then I had to change the hover backgrounds etc in css style so that there would actually be some change during hover. So now the situation is sorted out (its not ideal though). WOuld you please be so kind and check the website to see what caused it and recommend me some solution? I would like to put the original colours back… meaning having white color as roll-button colour without having it as !important.

thank you!


Hi there,

I came to this link because I was looking for a solution to make my slider multilingual. Ie: I would like to have my titles and subtitles both in Spanish and in English.
Kharis’ solution works perfectly well for the Call to Action buttons, but not for the slider itself. Any ideas? Suggestions?




Hi Eva,

Please check this thread which might be helpful to you.



Hi Kharis,

Thanks for that. Thing is, I am working with qTranslate and can’t find anything similar to “Settings > Languages > String Translations”.


P.S. Will post this answer to the thread you mention, I think it belongs there.


Hi Eva,

I haven’t yet tried this plugin before. Could you please share your site URL here? Maybe it can be solved with a couple of jQuery code. Please let me to inspect your slider in both Spanish and English. If you want to share it privately, you can contact me via; mention the link to this thread in your email body.



I inserted this code and am getting the buttons, but it is stuck to the left edge of the image. How do I undo anything from TS Custom JavaScript? Where does it write?


Hello there,

It looks like you edited the Finance child theme file. Check inc/slider.php file, and replace all the code with the original one. Or the easiest way is to reinstall the theme. Before doing so, do site backup.

Then use JS code solution instead.