Multiple calls to action with a single title

How do you reproduce having two call to action buttons, but only one panel / title as per your demo site:

The call to action widget seems to include the title, so if you put two call to action widgets next to each other, they both have headings:

We’re using the Layout Builder widget which is part of the page builder plugin. Inside it we have one row which contains the title and another row split in 2 which contains the call to action widgets. You can import the demo content if you want.

Thanks. So the title doesn’t actually come from the call to action widget? Is this a separate html widget with just a title? What <h> tag is required to get that design? Is the background image set against the layout builder widget rather than the row?

Correct, the title comes from a simple text widget. You just need to enter the title in the title field and leave the widget empty.
The background is set for the main row - the one that contains the Layout builder widget. Both inner rows have 0 padding set from the options.

Thanks so much! This worked perfectly!