Multiple and various issues

Good day,

We chose your Thalia Shopify theme for our store, and we do really appreciate it, however, we found several issues that we can’t fix in any way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Size logo: the logo size of the header can’t be displayed in any other size than the by default. We tried to modify file size and proportions, but it didn’t change anything.

Typography: the chosen typography isn’t actually displayed. We chose the Montserrat for every font of the site, but it’s still displaying a serif font that we really don’t like.

Language settings we didn’t find where to change some features such as “What are you looking for” , “Color” , “Coupon code” and many others. Could you tell us where to change this ?

Main slideshow + Ad banner section: the pictures are displayed blurred. We don’t understand why as our files are very HQ pictures. Everywhere else on the shop, pictures are well displayed in a good quality.

Client account icon: how to show off this feature or link it to a shopify app ?

Footer: the payment methods icons are jumping on the newsletter box. We can’t fix it.

Could you have a look at it and provide me with a solution for all the problems listed up below ? I would be very delighted if so !

Thanks a lot,


Hello @ninasiera

Please send us your store url so we can send a collaborator request and fix these issues for you.

For some of them we will need your feedback.

  • Can you please list all of translations to a file and send it to us, we will make these translations for you.
  • You will need to enable account settings in the settings of your shopify account in the Checkout menu to show the account icon.

Hi @EnesBeganovic ,

Thanks for you reply. The store url is

  • List item

Here is the link where you will find the file with the translations:

  • List item

Regarding the account icon, I was actually looking to link it to a Shopify app

Thanks for your help


We have sent you a collaborator request.

Regarding the account icon, can you please provide the link or instructions on how to do that and we will see if our support can cover that.

Thank you


We have updated your theme to the latest versions as well as added the translations.

-You are now able to edit the logo size from the header section in the theme editor.
-Fonts should now adapt to the ones chosen in the editor.
-Images should no longer be blurry
-We still aren’t sure what to do about the client account icon
-Payment icons in the footer are sorted now

We duplicated your live theme and worked on the theme called: Thalia-master (support)
Please publish this theme when ready