Multimedia header option not showing

I’m working on two websites running with Sydney. In one of them I have the option of showing a video instead of an image in the header area, but in the other one I have only the image option. I checked and I have the latest version of wordpress and the latest version of the theme (1.34) in both websites.
Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
Thank you

If the WP version is the same (4.7 is required) and the theme version is the same, it should show.

Check if you have any plugins that might stop if for showing up.

Thank you for your answer Vlad. Yes, it’s the same wordpress version and the same theme version, the only plugins I have active right now on the website of the problem are:
Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
Cookie Law Info
Jetpack by
Page Builder por SiteOrigin
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
Sydney Toolbox

and it still not work… What can I do? If I activate another theme, uninstall and re-install Sydney, will I lose al the work? It’s the only solution I can think of, but the website is almost finished…

Thank you (and sorry for my bad english!)

Reinstalling the theme won’t help unless you made code changes that might affect this.

Try disabling all plugins except those recommended by the theme and also share a link to your website please (make sure the coming soon plugin is off).

I disabled all plugins except Page Builder by SiteOrigin, SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and Sydney Toolbox. I logged out and in of my WP account and erased the cache and other data in chrome, and still not working

The website is

Hmm, I have no idea. Send me a temporary admin account to vlad[at] please so I can look around, maybe I’ll notice something.
I see no reason for it not to work.

Thank you, just sent you an email

I don’t think you actually updated the theme. I think you or somebody else maybe just changed the version number in the stylesheet for some reason because even if it says it’s 1.34, it’s not actually 1.34. Or maybe you cancelled the update by closing the browser window?

I changed the version number to 1.33. If you don’t have any custom code changes to the theme’s file that you first want to save, go ahead and update please. Let me know how it goes.

Done, now it works!! The multimedia header option shows now. I don’t understand how this happened, I don’t remember trying to update the theme or changing the version on the stylesheet! Anyways, thank you so so much!!

Cool, remember to delete the account please.