Multilingual front page welcome message

I am new to creating websites and to wordpress as well. I am following instructions in tutorials and in themes´ or plugins´ documentations but I just can´t seem to find anywhere how to set up the welcome message in the two languages i´m using for this site which are es and en. There is no provission to add a welcome message in more than one language an when I switch from english to spanish and viceversa, the comntent of the page changes to the previously translated page but not the welcome message. I am using polylang. Please help me out to solve this issue. I will be greatfull.
Thank you very much.


Please check this post regarding your question

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Thank you very much dimikjones, As a matter of fact, I had just used the exact same option given in the post you recomended. Anyway, I am glad to see I did it right.

You’re welcome,

Glad to hear that you have managed to fix that by yourself.

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