Multi linguage Moesia FP: Call to action, Blockquote

I’m developing a multi language site:
I can’t find a way to use these widgets:
Moesia FP: Call to action
Moesia FP: Blockquote
I need them translated in the language chosen by the user.
We have no problem whith Moesia FP: Employees and Moesia FP: Testimonials

Thanks in advance, best regards


What plugin are you using? People usually use Polylang which works well.

Hi Vlad,
yes, we are using polylang 1.7.5, but if the widget is not a type we do not have found a way to use it in a multi language set up.
In the static page where we use the widget we are able to translate, using Polylang, only the Types: Employees, Services, Testimonials, Clients and Project.
We haven’t found a way to translate Moesia FP: Call to action and
Moesia FP: Blockquote.

Thanks in advance for the attention, best regards

Not sure what your setup is, but you should have one front page in Italian and a copy of that page in English (or the other way around, depends what your primary language is). So on your English page you’ll have all the blocks like on your Italian page and you only need to edit the widgets and add the content in English.

Hi Vlad,
I’ve made a front page in Italian and a copy of that page in English, in the copy I’ve all the widgets of the original page but when I edit the widgets of the English front page, for istance the text inside a blockquote, and public the page, the edited text is the same for the italian AND the english page, every change I made to the widgets Blockquote and Call to action seems to be transversal to the front pages.

Sorry for my poor English, best regards

Hmm, that’s strange. I remember I tried this and it was working.
How about if you delete the widget from the Italian page, update the page, and then re-add the widget and then update again?

Hi Vlad,
the behavior is the following:
when I add/remove/modify a widget (Blockquote and Call to action) from a front page in a language the same action (add/remove/modify) is replicated on the other also when i update the page in every step: remove -> update, add -> update, modify -> update.

Best regards

Send me an admin account please to vlad[at], maybe I can figure it out, though I’m not extremely familiar with the way Polylang works.

Here’s a working example:

Hi Vlad,
I have seen before the example you have send to me but the author of the pages do not use Blockquote and Call to action widget :frowning:

Best regards

But he does use the Call to Action widget, it’s the first one. I’ll log in to check in a few minutes.

Okay, it works now. It’s a small conflict between the Polylang and the Page Builder plugins. If you go to Polylang > Settings and scroll down you’ll see Synchronization. Custom fields needs to be unchecked.

Dear Vlad,
this is what I’m very pleased to call support.
Every widgets seems to works now.

Many Thank’s