Mp4 video frontpage woes

I used the mp4, ogv on the front page but when checked on mobile i get a huge gap between the video and the rest of the page.
What could be wrong?

Test Page:

I noticed this in the videobackground.js

  • If the resize option is set.
  • Set the height of the container to be the height of the document
  • The video can expand in to the space using min-height: 100%;

Where can I set this? This would be optimal, my video size 850x314.


You should use the bundled Revolution Slider for this as it allows more control. We made the built-in video option before we started bundling Revolution and it’s not really needed anymore.

but in revolution how do you add mp4 videos?

Here is the official documentation:
Let me know if you get stuck.

ya totally, Im a bit stuck I cant find the àdd:layer video section.

that actual issue is that I put the video on but when I change the window size the video expands and I dont see the whole video.

actually got it now!