Moving the Menu Items Lower

Hi there. I there a way to move or lower the menu items (home, about us, contact us etc) in sydney pro?


Move them in what way? Like center them in the menu bar you mean?

Moving the entire menu bar 20 or 30 pixels down towards the bottom,

You can add this in a custom CSS plugin:

.admin-bar .site-header, .admin-bar .site-header.float-header {
      top: 52px;
.site-header {
      top: 32px;

Tho top part of the code worked like a charm.
TX again

However, The second part
(.site-header {
top: 32px;
Does not seem to do anything when I change the PX value. i.e. id I change the
32px; to 82px; nothing seem to happen.
Is it supposed to be like that.
I am sorry but I am a nubie at this.

Both the codes sort of do the same thing - the first part is only applied when you are logged in (so it needs to be bigger because there’s the admin bar). The second part applies for your visitors. The admin bar is 32px in height.