Movie in the Header

First off Vlad I’d like to thank you for an amazingly gorgeous theme, Alize is simple, fast and incredibly elegant.

Secondly I’m trying to add an MP4 (H.264) file to the header (it’s only 11mb so not very big), while I’ve browsed the header code (I’m not a programmer) I can’t see anything obvious that I can change.

I’m not entirely sure it can be done, but if it can it will add some extra oomph :slight_smile:

Thanks again Vlad,

PS. I want to buy the premium, how many blogs can I run it on with one purchase? I have 2 blog on the same domain.

You would basically need to add the code for you mp4 video straight into the header, remove the header image and see what further styling needs to be done. It won’t be very easy.

The premium version is GPL, you can use it on an unlimited number of sites.

correct me if I’m wrong Vlad, but the code in wordpress seems to only look for images, if that rule could be ignored or MP4 could be added, then it might work?

It looks only for images added from the Header Image option, but if you want to customize this you would need to remove that and add something like this inside the header:

  <source src="foo.mp4" type="video/mp4">

So you basically need to hardcode your video.