Move Welcome logo


Hi. Is it possible move the Welcome logo at the bottom of the welcome page? Now the logo is often on the face of the subject in the pic, and it’sn’t a beautiful view. Thanks.
Best regards.


Only the logo? Or the whole block with the logo, text and button?


Sorry, yes all the block. Welcome msg, welcome info and button.


You can use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.site-header.has-slider {
   position: relative;
.welcome-info {
   top: auto;
   bottom: 30px;


I’ve added on style.css but doesn’t work.


I said in a custom CSS plugin, not in style.css :slight_smile:


I’m tired, sorry. It’s friday! :wink:


It works. :wink: And i think it’s better at the bottom.
On the next upgrade of the theme, you could put this like option. :wink:

Thanks a lot. Really.

Have a nice time.