Move Mobile Slider Button / Menu up

Good afternoon,

 Is there a way to change the location of slider in mobile?  It looks fine on a PC , but if I go on mobile (tried an S6 and another android) the slider text / button are set to the bottom, so you only see part of it unless you scroll down.  I'm sure I'm missing something, but I read everything I could and I'll keep trying but perhaps someone has an idea for me.  Thanks!


I’ve just checked your site from desktop and mobile phone, and I see the slider text displayed as well. Did you resolve the issue already?

I think I may have, I’m not great at CSS but I managed to at least move it to the top. Whether I did it the right way, I’m not sure. Sorry, I should have posted an update. I used simple css to do this based on other posts that were similar. Desktop worked out of the gate, except for a title length issue which I resolved. Thanks!