Move logo & menu down lower on header image

My site:

I would like the logo image and the menu to be positioned about 404px from the top of the page. The position should also be relative to the device used to access the site. The idea is to have the logo and menu be near the bottom of the header image, rather than near the top.

I’m using a child theme, so I can add any CSS to style.css.

The original logo image is larger than the one that shows. Am I limited to that size or smaller? I do like how the logo appears in the menu bar on scrolling, but would prefer the logo to appear larger when it is in the header image. Is that possible?

Thank you for any help with this.

Hello there,

I am not sure it’ll be easy to do. It requires markup modification and adding some complex CSS code which out of our support service we can offer for our users. I think, you would try Moesia theme. Or, you can hire someone to code it; you can find a freelancer on or