Move header image or video higher to top of the page


I would like to move the header image or video higher towards the logo on the about page and other pages that I will add

Hello @briank9trainer1,

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I see that you are using the “Beaver Builder” plugin as page builder to build your pages. However, I couldn’t see any image or video added in the “About Us” page. We can provide custom CSS to push the header/video towards logo, but we need the content there to inspect the code and provide the custom CSS to you. Once you have the image/video added in the about page, please notify me here so I can help you with the custom CSS.

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Hi rodrigo,

Thank you for all the help that you provide. I had somehow removed the space on the desktop view, but now the white space is greater on mobile which I would like to eliminate or move the title or image higher to the top of the page please. The two links are at different heights which I do not understand either. But I would like for all of them to be higher and at the same height.

Here are two links but you would have to view it on mobile:


I understand now!

The page below is with “Menu Trasnparent” option enabled, and because of that the content is moving towards top. Please edit that page, and in the bottom right corner uncheck the option Menu Transparent. Do the same for the others pages where you have Menu Transparent checked.

Then, reduce the top spacing at Appearance > Customize > General > Misc > Page Wrapper - Top Padding.

Also, you need check for spacings (padding) in the Beaver Builder editor.

We hope this helps!

Please try that and let us know if you need further assistance.

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