Move Header Call to Action Button

Greetings once again.

I was wondering if it is possible to change the location of the header call-to-action button. When I activate it, it lands in the middle of the page, right on top of my logo. I would like to move it closer to the bottom of the page, below all of the text. Is this possible?

I already have the Simple Custom CSS plugin installed.

My site:

Thanks in advance.

You should probably activate it so I can see exactly on your site.

Ok. Have a look now.

I don’t see it. We are referring to the button that should have been on top of your header image, right? Clear the cache if you have a caching plugin.

Yes, the CTA button on top of the header image. Try looking again. I cleared the cache.

Try this:

.text-slider-section {
  top: initial;
  min-height: initial;
  bottom: -50px;

Awesome! You’re a genius.

I tweaked the CSS a little - bottom: -10px;

Thanks a bunch!!!

Hi Charlie,

I had the same question, but I have also a very stupid one (this is my first site and I do not know how things work) :
Where should I tape the text
"text-slider-section {
top: initial;
min-height: initial;
bottom: -50px;
}" ?

Thanks a lot, for the theme and your awesome support.

Hi @Vlad

I’m trying to do it too, but i don’t know there to put that code.


Hi there,
I have the same with my website, using the Sydney theme. My website is and I would like to move the CTA button “please scroll down” more to the bottom of the slider area.

Just installed the custom-css-js/custom-css-js plug in and insert the suggested code in the plug in ‘add css code’ area. However, nothing is happening with the button.

Any suggestions how to make it happen?