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Hi, I would like to change position (left side) the go top button or the captcha v3 image that appear in the lower right corner.

Another option would be to upload it a little so they do not overlap.

Could you give me the two css codes to try?

My site is

Thank you in advance!


Add this to Customize > additional CSS:

.grecaptcha-badge {
    right: auto !important;

The code will move the captcha image to the left position.

Hi, its work fine, but the problem is that being on the left side you see the whole image (it is somewhat uncomfortable), before the image was expanded when you put the mouse on top. Is it possible to leave it on the right side but upload it a little?

Thankyou very much!

I just checked your site, looks like you already move the captcha upward by your self? :+1:

Yes, I used this code:

.grecaptcha-badge {
margin-bottom: 60px !important;

It is a modification of yours :wink:
Thank you!

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