Move author name and change colour

Ok on the blog homepage it displays the title of the posts, followed by the date and the author.

Is it possible to move the author name so it appears below the post?
I want to also add the word ‘by’ so it reads “by authorname” and change the colour from light grey to dark grey like the post colour?

Is this possible?


Hi Tigs, yes, it is possible. For adding “by” you should edit file template-tags.php (theme folder > inc, should be line 85). Easier way is with CSS, and you dont have to mess with theme files.

Try custom css below:

span.byline {
    float: left;

span.byline a.url.fn.n:before {
    content: "by ";

.entry-meta, .entry-meta a {
    color: #3C3C3C;

.entry-footer, .entry-footer a {
    color: #3C3C3C;

You can apply it with simple custom css. And please post a link to your page. It is easier for me to help you when I look at your page.

Sorry here’s the link

Sorry forgot to add it :smiley:

I checked it, just apply CSS code above, and that’s it. :slight_smile: