Mouseover Text on Project Images and Menu Options

Hi! Having fun editing this theme so far. I was wondering:

-Is there a way to input a mouseover text for the project feature images? I’m trying to find a way to label them without having to make individual icons that say what they are like “Portfolio”, “Personal Website” etc.

-Can you use CSS to make menu items jump to the different rows in one page rather than linking to another page? I’d like to keep everything on one page and just use the menu to jump to.

Thanks so much!


  • Nope, sorry.

  • You don’t need CSS, you just need to add the IDs of the rows as the URL in your menu. You can find your IDs by using Chrome Dev tools or similar.

Thanks for your quick reply! Oh darn, I really wish there was a way! I’ll just make icons then. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I thought there was a way to do that with menu URLs! Thanks so much!