Most Up-to-Date Version Number

I was just wondering:

  1. What is the most current version number of this theme?
  2. Has the free version of Astrid been submitted to the WordPress Theme Directory?
  1. It’s 1.01. There will be a new one soon which will change the method for loading widgets to make it more child friendly.
  2. It has been submitted 7 weeks ago. The queue is currently 3+ months long and there’s also the admin queue to go through which is 4 weeks long atm. So it probably won’t be live sooner than 2-3 months.


Thank You for your response! Can you tell where to look (on this site) for the new version when it comes out?

On the theme’s page, we’ll be changing the design and it will include the latest version number:

I could give you the code now in case you’re interested in overwriting widgets from a child theme. The new code we’ll just make the file loading process easier. This is the only planned change.

Since I’m using a WordPress Plugin to create my child theme, I’ll just wait out the update and then replace my current child with a new one.

Thank You.