More "services" section

Hi, Can I create more “services” sections so that all my topics will be on the same front page? if yes, how?


Hello there,

Only option which is to show more services link on your front page. You can achieve this by creating new page, and by choosing services page template

After that, permalink - URL of newly created page and paste it inside URL field of FP Services widget on your front page, and of course set button text

In this way you can show button with link after few services on the front page, which will lead to another page with all your services.

All the Best!

Hi there and thanks for the answer. I am not sure though if this is the answer to what I have asked for. What I want to do is: have only one big front page, every menu item taking you to a different section on that front page and from that section go a dedicated page.


Hello again,

I see, sorry for the miss. Yes, you can have multiple services sections on home page. Create services, and assign them to different categories and then add category slugs to different services widgets on your front page

In this way you can have as many services sections as you wish.

Regarding scrolling to different section, check this topic it is different theme, but principle is the same.

All the Best!