More on Services; include and exclude

Thanks for a great theme, it does just about everything I want.

I would like more control with selecting which services to be displayed. Specifically, on one page I’d like to show some services and on another page I’d like to show a different sub set of services i.e. I’d like to exclude some. Is this possible?

Thank you

Hi Robby,

Yes you can manage it when you “edit widget” in the page builder and you can put the category of your service items

Thanks very much for the response Awan. I wonder if I might trouble you for an example please? Or perhaps refer me to documentation on how to use a category slug please?
Thanks a lot

Unfortunately, there is no documentation yet for this. But you can follow these steps below:

  1. Firstly, make sure your service items is grouped in a category.
  2. Edit your page
  3. Edit the services widget
  4. put the category slug in this field

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

That worked perfectly on the home page Awan. Thank you very much. May I ask a follow on question please?

How do I create a Services page that displays a category of services and which uses the same page layout/design as ? In other words, I’d like to display just 6 out of 12 services on my Services page. Thank you.

Oh I see… you can manage total service items would you displayed from: edit page > edit widget > “Number of services to show”

Thank you Awan, all responses and efforts are much appreciated.

Its great to help you.

Feel free to ask here if you need more help.


I am sorry Awan, I do need more help if I may? Unless I am mistaken, “Services” is not a page, its a Post Type Archive. So I can’t see how to control the number of Services pages displayed when I click the Services menu. Can you advise pls?


If you working with pagebuilder widget, the trick in above should worked.

If its not working, please to share the URL of your site and let us know where did you put those archive.


Here is a link to the site

On the front page under Services I used pagebuilder widgets and got the result I was after. From the top menus select Services and you see all services. Here I configured the menus for “Services”.

Thanks again for your help Awan, I think I have a result. I took your point about Pagebuilder and created a Full Width page and populated it with a single column row and used the Services B widget. I then reduced the number of services using the method you described above. The new page is

One difference between the two Services pages is the padding (white space) between the bottom of the image and the commencement of services text. Otherwise, I think the result is perfect.

So, again, thank you very much for your help.

I see, you can try to reduce the blank space from: Edit page > edit row > row styles > theme > top/bottom padding.

Let me know if its working.

I have set Test 2 padding to zero (0) and still the SERVICES title seems to be further from the bottom of the picture than the ABOUT title on the About page (which has no value so I guess the default 100 px). Interesting but confounding too.

Okay, I think you need custom css code to reduce those blank space but firstly you have know the ID of the page.

In chrome browser, You can get the page id using chrome dev tools: right click your page > inspect > then try to find <body…. Currently, the ID of your page is page-id-126

So, the css code should be like this :

.page-id-126 .page-wrap {
    padding-top: 0;