More employees

Great theme… 2 questions though.

I have over 20 “employees” (actually vendors for a beer festival), but only 10 will appear on the front page. How can I change this so that all of them appear?

My “clients” (festival sponsors) need their logos to be links on the front page. Is there a way I can do this using the client feature? is the site.


Sorry, 2 more questions:

We are located in China where Weibo is the main social media platform. I would like to add support for Weibo and can create the graphic as well… is this possible?

When someone first loads the page the nav bar falls below the screen and feedback we’ve gotten is that it’s not entirely intuitive to know to scroll down. Is there any code you could provide that would decrease the hight of the header image and allow the nav bar to be visible at the bottom of the screen when visitors first load the site?


  1. Go to /widgets/fp-employees.php.
    Find this:

		$r = new WP_Query( apply_filters( 'widget_posts_args', array(
			'no_found_rows'       => true,
			'post_status'         => 'publish',
			'post_type' 		  => 'employees'
		) ) );

Replace it with this:

		$r = new WP_Query( apply_filters( 'widget_posts_args', array(
			'no_found_rows'       => true,
			'post_status'         => 'publish',
			'post_type'           => 'employees',
                        'posts_per_page'      => -1
		) ) );

  1. Linking to clients is not possible at the moment, but we’ll keep it in mind for a future version.
  2. You need to do this for Weibo:
  • Go here and download FontAwesome.
  • Go the the theme and find the Fonts folder and replace the content with those from the archive you downloaded.
  • Install a custom CSS plugin and add this to it:

.social-widget a[href*=""]::before,
.social-area a[href*=""]::before {
	content: '\f18a';

  1. It would be simpler just to use the Welcome Area from the Customizer and add a message. Something like: Welcome / Scroll down to see the details about whatever.