More buttons

Is there a way to add more buttons on the front page rather than the normal two?

There’s only one button if you’re referring to the header area. If you activate Revolution Slider and use it instead of the default header slider you can add as many buttons as you need. Let me know if you need help with that.

Yes Please!

Well, post a link so I can see what you have so far.
Assuming you have installed it already, you need to go to Revolution Slider and create your slider (play around with it for a bit, you’ll see you can add buttons and do a lot of stuff) and then go to Customize > Header Area, add your alias for the slider you just created and the select Revolution from Header Type.

The site isn’t live yet, I followed the instructions given on the how to and it still showed both headers.

Well, it’s hard to help without seeing what you have. You’ll need to take some time and explain exactly what you want to do, I don’t even know what you mean by both headers.

When I followed the instructions it said to add a line of code to the header.php file but all it does is show both the standard slider and the revolution slider

Ahh, no you don’t have to add any code to the header.

  • create one slider (I assume you did this already since you said it was showing up);
  • go to Customize > Header Area > Revolution Slider and paste the alias for the slider you created;
  • go to Customize > Header Area > Header Type and choose to display Revolution Slider.

Cool. Got that working. But can’t find any options for more buttons…

Here’s you go:
Please note that you can also check out the documentation for Revolution for more help, ideas etc.

Hmmmm… the slider you’ve built is pretty easy to work with, and works great right out-of-the-box. I upgraded to the pro theme, hoping it would give me the ability to have separate call-to-action buttons for each slide. Disappointing that I now have to go get Revolution (and pay for that) to get the functionality needed.

Would you consider adding separate CTA buttons for each slide in the homepage slider? In my experience building sites, it’s pretty common to have 3-4 primary user threads that you want to expose via the slider, and each one will link off to a separate sub-page. Just my two cents.

Otherwise, great theme!